Blog action day – GrafiQa Green


In honor of Blog Action Day, the worldwide effort to encourage bloggers to blog about the environment on this day, Chris did his part by vacuuming the office floor, thereby beautifying our environment. That’s what creative leadership is all about.

We take the environment very seriously here. The work we do – and that all marketing firms do – can have a serious impact on the environment. The decisions we make, and the way we guide our clients has a far-reaching impact.

And because we believe in the power of design, we’re happy that, increasingly, green is beautiful.

We love The Daily Green, which offers articles, news and tips for individuals and communities. It’s a great resource.

Ecorazzi is a lovely little corner of the Web that celebrates the environment and celebrity. It’s gossip you can feel good about.

Many sites marry design and good, solid environmental concern. Inhabitat, Groovy Green, The Lazy Environmentalist – all of them and many more are engaging the world in the pursuit of a brighter tomorrow.

Before GrafiQa moved into our current home at 293 Chestnut Street a year ago, a lot of green planning went into the design of our digs. First, we were recycling a building – an old fur vault with no windows and zero curb appeal.

We turned it into a beautiful design studio and offices, using local artists and artisans to transform the place. Sustainability is about nurturing local talent, as well as preserving local resources.

We use energy-efficient lightbulbs and follow other green practices in the operation of our office.

Now, if we could just find a truly innovative and beautiful solution for storing recyclables, we’d be blissful.


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