HOW do we love thee?


Boston Citgo Sign

Some of us here at GrafiQa are counting down the days and hours until we set off for Boston for the How Conference. It will be 3 1/2 days of pure design immersion in an amazing city. We love Upstate New York, don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing like an intense few days in a big city to stir the creative insights.

The great thing about GrafiQa is that we all have very different talents and expertise, and yet our goals and guiding principles pull them all together. Getting ready for the conference, we’re all excited about something a little different.

Our fearless leader, Chris, is looking forward to the Boston studio tours, and a chance to peek behind the curtain at the inner workings of some of the best shops in the business. (He also tells me, “And I’m looking forward to spending so much time with you guys.”) Yeah – we don’t see enough of each other during the ordinary 45- to 50-hour work week.

Susan, our resident design maven, is excited about the chance to sit in on a session with Debbie Millman, a designer whose work she loves.

Meanwhile, I am all aflutter about a session led by Kelly Goto, goddess of process and usability.

And at the risk of getting sappy, I really am looking forward to spending time with the rest of the GrafiQa envoy. These are some of the brightest, funniest and most creative people I know, and it will be a rare treat to learn and brainstorm and hang out with them outside of the daily deadlines.

More from Boston…


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