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Don’t Tweak It – GrafiQ It!

June 3, 2008

Golden Gate Bridge

Let’s say you want to cross your kitchen from fridge to stove. You don’t need a gps to chart the exact coordinates of the fridge and the exact coordinates of the stove and draw a line between them. You can just turn and walk. If you’re a degree or two off, it doesn’t matter because you literally can’t miss it.

But let’s say you want to go from your fridge, in Upstate New York, to the Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco. If you’re even one degree off your mark, you’ll end up in Los Angeles or Canada.

When people ask me what we do at GrafiQa, this is the analogy that always comes to mind. Yes, we design print materials and create websites and design logos, but that’s not really What We Do. Those are just the vehicles with which we accomplish our real goal, which is guiding our clients from their refrigerators to the Golden Gate Bridge without getting lost and ending up in the Yukon.


Friday Delights

June 2, 2008

Red Peppers

Attention professors and adjuncts – are you hot? If not, writer John Warner has advice to help you ramp up the chili pepper ratings over at McSweeney’s.

Actually, McSweeney’s recent archives offer a few interesting takes on how the new web impacts life – or might have impacted life. Check out’s Recommendation Algorithm Applies to Life Events by Maribeth Mooney and Proust Discovers LiveJournal by Summer Block Kumar.

And speaking of LiveJournal and other ugc, there has been a lot of attention in the media this week to the BlogHer | Compass study that revealed what many of us already knew: Blogging is mainstream. No one needed to tell me that.

But what is even more fascinating – and less touted – is that a sizable portion of the 16-million-strong league of lady bloggers falls into the “mature” age demographic. A full fourth (if my math is correct) of those who actively use and keep blogs (4 million women) are over 50. You can read more over at BlogHer.

This article in HOW magazine explains how monthly “creative jams” at the Dallas firm Mason-Baronet keep things lively. My first thought after reading this was that I wanted to suggest something like this at work. Then I broadened my thinking to include home as well. I’ll let you know if either suggested is met with delight.

Have a delightful weekend.