Don’t Tweak It – GrafiQ It!


Golden Gate Bridge

Let’s say you want to cross your kitchen from fridge to stove. You don’t need a gps to chart the exact coordinates of the fridge and the exact coordinates of the stove and draw a line between them. You can just turn and walk. If you’re a degree or two off, it doesn’t matter because you literally can’t miss it.

But let’s say you want to go from your fridge, in Upstate New York, to the Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco. If you’re even one degree off your mark, you’ll end up in Los Angeles or Canada.

When people ask me what we do at GrafiQa, this is the analogy that always comes to mind. Yes, we design print materials and create websites and design logos, but that’s not really What We Do. Those are just the vehicles with which we accomplish our real goal, which is guiding our clients from their refrigerators to the Golden Gate Bridge without getting lost and ending up in the Yukon.


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