How am I unique?


That’s question #1 to ask yourself before you take a step down the marketing-your-organization path.

We’re currently working with an organization to try to help bring more tourists into a small, rural community. It’s a great place – they have interesting little shops, cool restaurants, historic buildings, arts and cultural stuff, rivers, mountains, and more.

Unique? Sure was in 1985.

Unique? Sure was in 1985.

But the tough part of the project is that dozens of other destinations within 200 miles of this one have nearly the same kind of attractions. It’s just the nature of the region and geography.

So the question we posed is: how are you unique? The group came away with some really cool and interesting answers that helped us hone in on how to market this community to the rest of the world. And I’ll bet it’ll drive up tourism dollars for them over the next twelve months.

The lesson is this: before you dive into the messaging, targeting, designing and other fun stuff that comes with marketing and advertising, take some time to think about who you are and why someone would want to visit/spend money/etc. with your organization as opposed to a competitor. That’s how you are unique in the marketplace.


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