Marketing and Sales in a Downturn. When the going gets tough – the tough get….


Here are some ideas on sales and marketing in the current economic situation and how we and many of our clients are weathering the situation.

1. Sales Down? Double or Triple your activity – fill your pipeline, go to new markets, develop new offerings. Get out there and make sure your prospects know you exist and make sure your clients know how valuable you are.

2. Look into Social Media Marketing. It’s almost free minus the work. Social media includes developing tools specifically for the web that allow your company/product/service to create a following. Having a following creates qualified leads. Having qualified leads always means you’ll get some sales.

3. Figure out ways to track your current marketing efforts. If your spending X thousand dollars on radio and TV, you have to know if it’s working or not. If you don’t know, it’s time to find out through surveying customers, tracking via online statistics, etc.

4. Give incentives to staff and potential customers to close more deals.

5. Ask staff to give a little more or take a little less less during this time is a much better alternative to having someone good lose their job.

6. Don’t stop marketing and don’t stop selling. Recessions are only an excuse to push harder; when you come out of them, you can be stronger and be on top of the hill.

I personally look at this downturn as one of the biggest opportunities of my generation. So we don’t plan on letting it slip by without taking action.



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