I had dinner with five very interesting people tonight.

Two others were dedicated Business Developers – so I had a lot to talk about with them.

Adam (aside from hating iPhones, as you’d know if you followed me on Twitter) is young and passionate and believes in his firm. He hunts down large corporations that fit his firm’s generalist approach. And he makes them money. We have a lot in common.

John is more experienced in the field and is new to his (new) firm. He also believes strongly and hunts hard. A lot in common with him as well.

The interesting thing for all three of us was talking about how paradigms are shifting for Business Development for firms like ours.

But, even more thought-provoking is the fact that that means every industry’s paradigm is shifting, too. Because our industry leads the communications for other industries.

So, if your industry isn’t already feeling the change, get ready. It’s coming.


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