Are You Asking The Right Questions?


I’m still in Nashville conferencing it up about Business Development.

Blair had some brilliant sessions this morning talking about the buy-sell cycle and overcoming obstacles. One of the giant points that jumped out at me was about asking the right questions rather than talking about all the answers you can provide.

It gets back to the basic theme of good communications and connecting with your audience that’s true for politicians and for marketers: it’s about your customer/client – not about you.

Find out what they need. Find out when they need it. Find out if they’re serious about their need. Find out if they are willing to pay for it. Find out what it really is that’s driving them to even be talking to you.

So, whether it’s me seeking out clients-to-be, or your business seeking out customers, the key thing we need to keep in mind is: Are you asking the right questions?


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