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Twitter Analysis of Budweiser vs. Magic Hat

February 25, 2009

It’s interesting to see how companies of various sizes are handling Social Media and e-Marketing as part of their Brand Management strategies.

One small part of this that I always pay attention to is how they react – or don’t react – to Twitter activity about them. (If you’re not familiar with Twitter, click here or here.)

For example….

I like to homebrew beer and also try to taste as many different microbrews from small breweries around the country. (From our neck of the woods, I’m a fan of Saranac, Ithaca, and Ommegang, among others).

While I usually stick to the smaller guys, I’ve been curious for the last few months hearing Budweiser’s endless plugs for its new American Ale on NPR and This American Life. So I finally picked up some at the Giant by my house over the weekend. For the record, I enjoyed it – though for my follow-up beverage, I switched over the Magic Hat‘s Roxy Roll seasonal brew, which is a personal favorite.

Budweiser may have the fancy packaging and Super Bowl ads, but Magic Hat leads a Tribe.

Budweiser may have the fancy packaging and Super Bowl ads,but Magic Hat leads a Tribe.

Then I posted my comments about Budweiser and Magic Hat on Twitter.

When I checked in a day or two later to see if I had any new Twitter Followers, I was excited to see that Magic Hat was following me. They earned an even more loyal fan. Seth Godin would say I’m in their Tribe now.

I heard nothing from Budweiser. Now, I’m still impressed that their new beer wasn’t bad. But they missed an opportunity to permission market to me.

The point? Sometimes small, nimble, authentic companies do a better job of working new Social Media and e-Marketing tools than giant corporations that spend literally hundreds of millions of dollars every year on marketing. And, in today’s marketplace, that’s a smarter and wiser investment of time and resources.


Study Says Email Contact Increases Likelihood to Buy

February 23, 2009

Elizabeth sent this interesting article posted at around the GrafiQa Office today. Roughly put, the study by Epsilon says that companies that do email marketing have a 50% higher likelihood of sales conversions than those that don’t.

That meshes nicely with our strategies here at GrafiQa. We’re not saying that permission-based e-Newsletters are the only thing you should do in terms of e-Marketing (or marketing altogether, for that matter), but it certainly is an easy and effective way to drive top-of-mind awareness, cross-promotion, and thought leadership to your target constituency.

Political Twits

February 19, 2009

The Washington Times published an interesting article this week about how the new and improved Republican National Committee is boning up on Twitter as part of its rebranding process under new Chairman Michael Steele (who actually even has a blog).

President Obama and other Democrats have dominated Social Media for the past five years so it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next five years as politics, technology and tools keep changing.

Development Started on Iphone App for the Catskills.

February 17, 2009

We have begun development on the Official Iphone App that links up with the website we developed for the Catskill Region of NYS – It should be a cool little app for finding cool things to do when your hanging out in our beautiful mountains. The app will list the latest events, attractions, lodging, etc

A Couple NY Times Articles About Twitter

February 12, 2009

The NY Times ran a good article about Twitter this morning that’s worth a quick read. View it here.

Strangely enough, they ran another article available here almost exactly a year ago that was an interesting take on Twitter, too.


Want To Get Found On The Internet?

February 12, 2009
SEO doesn't have to be a blind shot at the target.

SEO doesn't have to be a blind shot at the target.

Is your website really optimized?

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means that your website is ranked highly by Google, Yahoo! and other search engines when your clients or prospects look up keywords.

Being found by a third party site like Google is great for business. It positions you as an expert in your field before you’ve even said a word.

So how do you get your website optimized? Here are three simple tips to get you started….

1. Update your website regularly. The days of set-and-forget websites are over. Google wants to see websites updated regularly because that’s what Google’s users want to see.

2. Link, link, link. Being linked to other websites or blogs increases your relevancy. So contact your sister organizations, clients and vendors and link to each other on your sites.

3. Put up video. Websites with video have a higher retention rate for visitors. So they get ranked higher than sites without video. Does your website have any video on it?

Remember that Google, Yahoo! and others change the rules every few months. So it’s important to always be working hard to make sure your website is optimized.


February 10, 2009

Marketing today isn’t usually about a product. Or direct sales. Or traditional advertising.

Those can be important – but they’re not what good marketing is about.

Good marketing is about Expertise. Expertise goes hand-in-hand with being Unique.

Being an Expert in your field makes you Unique. Because most people trying to market what you’re trying to market probably aren’t Experts at what they do. They’re probably just trying to sell, sell, sell.

But knowing your industry inside-out, having a track record of success, knowing the players and the tools; that allows you to sell yourself (or your company or not-for-profit) as something your prospects or clients can’t get anywhere else.

Being a Genius is great. But being an Expert is better.

Being a Genius is great. But being an Expert is better.

Newman Development Group are Experts at developing and redeveloping land for a variety of uses. They know how to navigate the legal and municipal challenges, work through construction, get stores open, and everything in between.

eni are experts are Experts at providing wellness services to businesses and corporations. They provide ways for their clients to have happier and more productive employees.

The Northeast Classic Car Museum has more fantastic antique and classic cars that any other public museum in a dozen states. And they have a staff and volunteers who know those cars and their stories like no one else. They even blog about it.

Being an expert gives you a leg up on the competition because it eliminates most of those competitors.

So, ask yourself, am I an expert?