Webisode 1 of GrafiQa (West) Binghamton Building Renovation


So the Renovation process begins.

The below video shows the interior/exterior of the building as well as some of the day 1 contractor interviews – We will be doing a series of videos throughout the process.

GrafiQa (West) at 199 state street will be a high-end  state of the art office/retail facility with our typical  modern, professional  & artistic flavor.

You can see our round 1 rendering and round 1 floorplan below for the new Offices.

The office exterior will be similar to our Oneonta office which can be seen at http://www.grafiqa.com/company.htm – click on the building image in the lower right.

Special thanks to our contractors at www.oldhomesfriend.com  and www.bestbuiltconstruction.com as well as local musical assistance from www.myspace.com/swathmusic


One Response to “Webisode 1 of GrafiQa (West) Binghamton Building Renovation”

  1. Shaun Andrews Says:

    The basement looks massive! Can’t wait to see some more details about the plans and start to see some renovations happening.

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