Your Brand Positioning and Expertise


A lot of people think that, because the economy is down, businesses aren’t spending money, and they can’t get new business.

That’s not entirely true. Your clients, customers or donors are still spending money. They’re just making sure that the money they spend is a smart investment that’s going to generate ROI.

That’s where your brand positioning and expertise come in. In order for your website, advertising, brochures or other marketing materials to generate business or donors, you need to be positioned as that smart investment – not just another expense.


Do you know your industry (whether it’s manufacturing, performing arts or high-technology enterprise) better than your competitors?

Do you have more capabilities or better employees?

Do you have a long track record of success? Or are you new innovators that are thinking outside of the box to find creative solutions?

Whichever of these questions fits you, your marketing needs to show your existing customers or new prospects how much of an expert you are. That’s good brand positioning, which makes you into a smart investment.

Here are two quick and dirty tips to do today to test your brand positioning:

1. Look at your website, and your top three competitors’ websites. Does your brand stand out or do you make a compelling argument for why you’re better?

2. Ask three employees at various levels (from executive to entry-level) to describe what your business or non-profit does in two sentences or less. If you get three completely different answers, your brand positioning needs work.


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