Your 30 Seconds With The Governor


Here’s the situation….

You’re at a big conference and heading down to the next roundtable. The elevator opens up and…there’s the Governor…or the big CEO…or the billionaire philanthropist.

You smile and walk in. He or she smiles back (while their entourage scowls and wonders why they don’t have a top-secret jet-powered private elevator like Bruce Wayne).

Here’s your chance to pitch for that funding or big project. So what do you say?

(time’s running out…time’s running out…ding! You’re at the lobby and out walks your chance for greatness)

This is where having clear, concise and well thought-out descriptor  and positioning statements matter. These two or three sentences boil down exactly who you are and what you do. No fluff. No jargon.

“I’m John Doe from The Widget Company. We’re a manufacturer with more than 500 patents and a proprietary process for cost-efficient production. Our widgets are used across the world in products that you’ve probably already used today.”

“I’m Jane Doe from Helping Kids Inc. We’re a non-profit that helps underprivileged kids get better educations. Students in our program are 75% more likely to go to college. Our alums include John the Famous Actor and Margaret the Powerful Politician.”

“I’m Bijoy Datta from GrafiQa Creative Services. We’re a leading branding, marketing, web and social media firm in Upstate NY. We work with medium to large companies and non-profits to help them build their brands, generate awareness and boost qualified lead generation.”

We’ve been in these situations and know what to say. Do you?


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