Social Media Won’t Save The World


In our line of work we hear a lot of opinions and questions on Social Media. They come from a variety of people across the full spectrum of industries.

Some think it’s a fad. Some think it’s the next best thing. Others think it’s a complete replacement of traditional media. The question is especially confused by all the Social Media and marketing companies popping up that miraculously claim complete competence in the subject.

We say the bottom line on Social Media is to stop thinking of it collectively and start thinking about individual tools specifically as parts of a bigger strategy.

You hear things like, “you should be on facebook…you should blog…you should twitter. Maybe you should – but the reality is that you should have a strategy and a message – and sometimes Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media tools can help get your message across. These tools are great – but so may be TV, radio or print, when harnessed correctly.

Whenever we’re asked to market anything we have two major initial questions: 1)Who are we marketing to? and 2)What is the compelling message? If you’re marketing without first answering these two questions, you should rethink what you’re spending money on.

Then you can start to figure out if Social Media (or any other mediums) are the way to deliver your specified message to your targeted audience.

Finally, we never advocate any specific Social Media tool. This week it’s Facebook…next week it might be Spacebook. The key thing is the remember that they’re just tools in your marketing toolbox.

The truth is a lot of the Social Media hype is a fad. But this type of communication isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay and it’s time to start managing these tools within a thought-out, prepared strategy.

If you don’t have a strategy, well then call us.


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