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Tips For Writing A Good Sales Letter

October 28, 2009

Every sales exec or business developer has to generate new business. Since no one like cold calls, one way to warm up a conversation before a call or email is by mailing a sales letter with marketing materials.

Here are five tips on how to write a good sales letter to generate new qualified leads:

1. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize – No one feels good about receiving a form letter. If getting their new business is important to you, make the recipient of your letter feel important. Take the time to write directly to them.

2. Get to the Point – Don’t waste their time! Talk about what you want them to consider and give a brief proposition about why they should consider it.

3. Skip the Jargon – Are you offering the newest strategic, cutting-edge, alignment-centered, blah, blah, blah? No one knows what jargon means because it doesn’t mean anything. Speak in your real voice; don’t try to impress someone with a bad thesaurus.

4. Flattery – Everyone likes to hear how great they are or their product is. If you’re taking the time to chase down a certain prospect, you must like something about them or their business. Tell them. They’ll appreciate it.

5. Name Drop (in a legitimate way) – If you know someone who’s comfortable being name-dropped, use those familiar names whenever you can. If your uncle lives next door to the VP and suggested you reach out to him, mention it. If you’re fellow chamber members, work those connections so the introduction isn’t completely cold. Just don’t make it up or use names from people who wouldn’t be comfortable. That will come back to haunt you and it’s no way to do business.