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Where to Start with Social Media Policy

February 11, 2010

It’s a given. Almost every business and organization should add social media to their marketing strategy.  Perhaps you even have a marketing strategy that involves social media, but you just haven’t taken the plunge yet. This is the case for many businesses and organizations as getting into social media is a step that tends to raise a lot of questions.  In reality, both the beauty of and reason companies and organizations might shy away from social media is that it gives the public the opportunity to share their thoughts in a very public forum.

Social Media Policy is a way for businesses and organizations to protect themselves in the world of social media.

Before Facebook and Twitter, people would have to go through traditional media, such as television or newspapers, to get their voices heard.  Today, with social media, that middle-person has been taken out of the process and the limit to which people could share their thoughts has been dramatically reduced.  This, essentially, is the major point of hesitation for businesses and organizations as it takes away some of the control that many have become accustomed to with traditional marketing and advertising.  However, there may be a way to dive into social media while at the same time reducing the potential for vulnerability, and that is through a Social Media Policy.

With that, here are some social media policy examples that we both collected ourselves and borrowed from a post on the popular ‘123 Social Media’ blog.  They present policies that have been developed by major corporations around the world.  The goal of these policies is not censorship, but it is to raise awareness of company’s/organization’s expectations to avoid potential conflicts.  Our hope is that these examples will help you to develop your business’ or organizations’ own policy to help make it a little easier to jump into the world of social media.

SELECT SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY EXAMPLES: Blogging and Social Media Policy Sample

IBM Social Computing Guidelines

ESPN Social Media Guidelines for Employees

HP Blogging Code of Conduct

Harvard Law School Weblogs Policy

BBC Guidelines for Personal Use of Social Media


Could “Google Buzz” Be the Next Facebook?

February 10, 2010

Google recently released a new service called "Buzz" that puts it in direct competition with services offered by Facebook and Twitter.

This week Google announced “Buzz,” a new social media service that works in conjunction with Gmail.  This new service combines features similar to those provided by Twitter and Facebook all integared into the current Gmail service.

In this article, BBC News goes over some of the basic features of the new tool and asks important questions, including whether it will be able to capture a portion of the users from other social media services.

Who knows, maybe “Buzz” could be the next big thing to hit social media.  Looks like we will just have to wait and see…

People Prefer Things That are Easy to Think About

February 8, 2010

We came across this Boston Globe article from January 31 that put into words a very simple, but powerful concept: “people prefer things that are easy to think about.”

In this article, Drake Bennett walks through the psychology involved when consumers make decisions and outlines how those brands with a simple message, clear name, and clean look might just have a competitive edge.