Better Signage – A sign of your times


Signage is one of the oldest and, often, most underrated forms of advertising. Having street exposure to your brand can a very effective way to get your name in front of the potential clients or customers. However, for some reason, it’s sometimes one of the last marketing tools that businesses think about.

Think about it…if you’re on a busy street, thousands of cars drive by your brand every single day and get a certain impression based on what they see. After the signs are paid for, this advertising is basically free. Compared to other media, your sign is one of the most undervalued forms of marketing.

In Oneonta, our own street gets us 10,000 exposures per day. We have landed several clients by people driving by and even a couple of corporate out-of-town joggers have become clients. In Binghamton, the traffic is even higher.

Beyond letting people know you exist. signage also lets people know you are legitimate and, if done correctly, gives potential customers a flavor for what caliber of business you have. I often make the analogy of a local travel agent that has a crusty old sign from 1973. The sign is so old and out of date that I automatically assume the same about the experience I will have inside. For $500, they could get a new sign and positively impact sales.

There are also ways to abuse signage. For instance, walk down any big city street or check out any auto shop. You’ll find signs for every brand, product and service – with the name of the business itself buried amongst it all. This actually has the opposite effect: Too much info is no info at all.

People are scared of the unknown. Your sign and how your location looks lets them know if your business is the kind of place they want to be.  


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